Mind Deterioration

by Kataplexy

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released December 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Kataplexy Chicago, Illinois

Chicago,Illinois’s Kataplexy are up-and-coming band to watch for in the brutal death metal scene In 2011 the band released there Extreme Hockey Metal Theme Promo titled “Intermission Zamboni Disfigurement” and In the same year the band independently released their first-length “Mind Deterioration”. ... more

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Track Name: We Gorge
Stare unto him stomach split wide open for the purpose of educational enjoyment / it lies motionless unable to interact / vital organs prematurely removed / sitting atop a gurney dead and dripping / experimenting on the corpse / examining through its stomach / acid spills our food is fresh / we gorge.
Track Name: Cryptic Slaughter
Corruptible psychotic minds who think in dimensions / forging with their will the breath of chaos / science true to its form an ally against the helplessness humanity / cryptic in their means to hold rank and power / against the feeble minded person they do not create paradise but tormented hell / biological and germs are how they fear and panic through the system / taking aim at anyone undermining their way of thought / what they create is for fantasy / leaders that lead to slaughter who do not care what happens next.
Track Name: Apocalyptic Genocide
Intolerable fury, ready to see worlds burn, set to release final judgement / no gods no humans no existence / draining life from all worlds / through manipulation of minds eye / life ends in a blink / aftermath forever frozen in a mass vacuum no life just infinite emptiness / no chance of rebirth / no gods no humans no existence / vomiting infinite of time, decent into stasis / intolerable fury, no breathing of life, dark and cold surrounds this void / eternal state of non-existence.
Track Name: Intermission Zamboni Disfigurement
A war machine that paves ice / plows with a fury of blades / against opposition / shredded skulls and bone fragments left on a shaved / floor of ice, left as reminder to the out come / red and white all over.
Track Name: Eternal Sodomy
Through my eyes they all live in eternity / feelings of helplessness and terror every / waking second they are fed upon / dusk comes down on eve for no dawn / shall rise to save them / fear, the element of my will / a nightmare without sight / no end of suffering / committed to the devourment of their flesh and mind / they will continue to be served for no purpose / through sodomy and death they will live / terror and violence exist in one / where this is no mental disorder / only reach out to destroy thoughts and crush those with souls / enjoying the sick twisted torture of others.
Track Name: To Rid The Human Race
Vomiting cleansing intestines this disease has evolved inside the question lies to live or to die / thoughts of blood / memories of agony / all that's envisioned / a swift and painful vengeance / to rid the human race / the bleak humankind cannot accept this / scabs are spread all over skin is oozing puss these cells are slowly dying as this blood begins to dry this grave injustice to the end / my plan at hand to murder healthy ones there death will be far too quick as this plague lasts to long I will rot as they decay / aging with inexplicable disease / there will be no salvation here time has come to decide the final judgement / they sink in flesh
Track Name: Realm Of Time
Ancient time collapsing into itself / aging to the destruction of everything / this foe has no enemy but itself forever / killing none is greater / none can out live it / and nothing ever will / decaying all into its limitless realm / eons of space created and magnified / in its ability to sustain a short life / dissipating into the depths of immeasurable chaos.