Promo 2012

by Kataplexy

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released July 30, 2012



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Kataplexy Chicago, Illinois

Chicago,Illinois’s Kataplexy are up-and-coming band to watch for in the brutal death metal scene In 2011 the band released there Extreme Hockey Metal Theme Promo titled “Intermission Zamboni Disfigurement” and In the same year the band independently released their first-length “Mind Deterioration”. ... more

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Track Name: Consumed for Companionship
Compulsive urges/ to violently violate/ dimember and consume/ a frequent thought/ grotesque perversion/ stench of rotting remnants/ feeding to satisfy/ these feelings of abandonment/ Held captive for sadistic pleasure/ defiling the lifeless/ defiling the dead/ experimenting to keep them alive/ under control of disgusting compulsions/ failed attempts to create/ an obedient companion/ an outcry of vicious compulsions/ ingesting pieces of their anatomy/ infinitely conjoined/ through oral consumption.
Track Name: Improper Disposal
Screams from the decaying/ their bodies lye lifeless/ their smiles distorted/ stiff skin/ so frigid/ overwhelming fumes/ a gagging torment/ thoughts of their disposal/ inspiring acts of atrocity/ forcing them/ to their shallow graves/ still gagging/ from the stench of the others/ thrown down/ ripped up/ ripped up/ torn apart/ delusions of their voices/ are permeating from where they rot/ a distinct foul odor/ from an improper disposal/ their mangled torsos/ tossed in shallow graves/ visitors becoming suspicious/ from the fumes/ of the decomposing.
Track Name: A facial detachment
Stalking a striking resemblance/ to the matriarch/ hunting through the obituary/ in search of/ an exact match/ a particular face/ that will be preserved and cherished/ the recently deceased are preferred/ their eyelids (will be) used to decorate the lampshade/ the decomposition stage/ has not yet begun/ the excitement/ is almost unbearable/ as the bodies are pulled from their graves/ so stiff, yet so fragile/ as they are carried away/ placed symmetrically on a table/ using a sharpened blade/ to carve into their flesh/ carefully peeling of the face/ exposing the skeletal structure beneath/ a mask-like creation/ that will be worn religiously